Siempre Selena: Our Lifetime Achievement Award Tribute

Selena was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award this year at the Grammys, as fans we were expecting an EPIC tribute, sadly she was snubbed from even a montage video but as devoted fans, we have been honoring La Reina for years!


Let’s start with the tributes. In our opinion the JLo tribute at the 2015 Latin Billboard Awards is one of the BEST Selena tributes. It was the first time Los Dinos had reunited to play together in decades. It was said that when JLo heard the Latin Billboards were honoring Selena, she petitioned to be the tribute artist. She has always honored Selena during her tours, and she has stayed in good relations with the family. They were thrilled to reunite with JLo on this production. It is beautifully done, costumes and music combinations. You can tell JLo worked really hard on her singing, in order to do this live. Please enjoy!

This past August, Premios Juventud honored Selena for the 25th anniversary. Introduction by Karol G and tribute artist were Natti Natasha, Danna Paola, Greeicy and our very own Texan, from San Antonio …Ally Brooke.

In 2019, Premios de la Radio were held in DALLAS, TX! They also held a tribute for the upcoming 25th anniversary, featuring artist: Belinda, Edith Márquez, Ana Bárbara and one of our personal favorites…Chiquis!


This was a mega-show on Univision but honestly watching it then and again now, these were still the best performances that really paid beautiful tribute to Selena. These great ICONS, Pepe Aguilar, Gloria Estefan and Ana Gabriel…


Now let’s move on to the Houston Rodeo tributes. It has become a sign of respect for artist to pay tribute to La Reina, who just became the first Latina/ Mexican-American to be inducted in the Houston Rodeo’s The Star Trail of Fame 

Here is the last year’s 2020 rodeo right before the pandemic shut everything down, Becky G gave a very heartfelt tribute to Selena.

2019 had a lot of artist paying their respects. Cardi B showing love to La Reina after her record-breaking show at the Houston Rodeo

Camila Cabello’s cover of “Dreaming of You.”

Prince Royce covers “No Me Queda Más”

Country music star Kacey Musgraves cover of “Como la Flor”


As we said before JLo usually always dedicates a couple of songs to Selena in every tour set, her life forever linked to La Reina. This was from summer of 2019 “It’s My Party Tour” (possibly San Antonio, TX)

Bruno Mars paid his respects during his concert in Mexico City

Daughter of an icon and a multi-grammy award winning artist herself… Ángela Aguilar has released an entire tribute album to La Reina de Tex-Mex

Chiquis, who is daughter of the legend, La Diva de la Banda – Jenni Rivera – also has done a couple of tribute videos to Selena.

Ally Brooke from San Antonio, TX brought the magic of Selena to mainstream primetime audiences on the hit show Dancing With The Stars.

This was actually a really big moment, Ally Brooke performed for the Miss Universe (which had ratings of 3.82 million viewers watching) evening gown portion and the song she choose to sing was a Selena song.


We included a tribute from her Kacey Musgraves regular concerts to show how much Selena impacted artist in Texas, even non-Latino artist.

Kelly Clarkson does her version of ‘Dreaming of You’ for her show open

We love this moment with Keke Palmer singing ‘Amor Prohibido’ with guest JLo

New Kids did a tribute in every Texas city during their tour. This was extra special since it was Corpus, Selena’s hometown, and Suzette was there

Beyoncé. From one reina to another…our hearts!!!! These Texas queens!!!

LASTING IMPACT – emerging artist put their own spin on Selena songs

What has been so cool to see are artist on, both English and Spanish talent shows, still keeping Selena’s songs alive. Here are some of our favorite talent show renditions:

Valerie Ponzio is a country music artist from Texas, now living in Nashville, breaking down barriers for Latinas in country music. She was featured on ‘The Voice’ season 12

Carlito Olivero performed ‘Dreaming of You’ on X Factor USA

Camila Camilo sang such a beautiful version of ‘No Me Queda Más’ on Dominicana’s Got Talent season 2

Sheniel Maisonet on La Voz. This version of ‘Si Una Vez’ was pretty fire. She added her own twist to it, we approve!

Elia Esparza on The Voice. Another Latina from Texas! She has done different tributes of Selena songs on her channel that are pretty bomb.

Alondra Santos first stole our hearts as she mesmerized U.S. audiences with her mariachi stylings on America’s Got Talent season 10. She was only 13 at the time and now she is almost 20 and building her career. Here is her studio release of ‘Amor Prohibido’

Mary Miranda gave a pretty dope version of ‘Como La Flor’ on The Voice


Alesiram Meza has amazing vocals. Can’t wait to see what see does in the future. Check her out on La Voz Kids honoring Selena

Babygirl blew us away! Four-year-old Maliya Kabs singing La Reina’s hits gives us such joy that Selena’s legacy continues …


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