Latinx Media: new shows of 2021 with Texas ties

Texas shows and Latinos from Texas are REPRESENTIN’ this season!

TV star, Cubana actress, Gina Torres, who is not from Texas BUT is starring in a Texas based show. Torres returns as an Afro-Latinx lead on season 2 of Fox TV’s hit drama ‘9-1-1 Lone Star,’ which is based on lives of first responders in Austin, Texas. Meet Paramedic Captain “Tommy Vega.”

If you haven’t binged yet, Netflix latest hit is “Firefly Lane” where , Brasileño, Jon Michael Ecker, plays “Max Brody” an EMT and the main love interest to one of the leading ladies, Katherine Heigl. More importantly, his character gets to be Latino and even has a scene where we meet the family and there’s lots of Spanish spoken and bilingual things happening, which was so awesome to watch. Representation matters!

Ecker (you may recognize from Queen of the South) is a Texan! He is originally from San Marcos and first started acting in México before launching his U.S. career.

CW has added a reboot of “Walker Texas Ranger” to the lineup, which takes place in Texas and actually stars a Texan actor but we are all about Latina Texan and Mexicana – Lindsay Morgan – who was raised in Houston! She plays “Micki Ramirez” a female, Mexicana/Tejana, Texas Ranger.

So if you need new shows to binge, these for sure should be on your list!

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