Daniela Corte: Latina designer, item worn by Maya Harris on Inauguration Day

We have been covering all the fashions worn by Kamala Harris and Jill Biden but just a quick note that Vice President Harris’ sister, Maya Harris, also wore a blouse by a Latina designer Daniela Corte. The ivory ruffled blouse was the centerpiece to her Alexander McQueen pantsuit.

Corte is a Brooklyn based designer who was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and comes from a family of designers. She launched her namesake line in 2000 after graduating from The Boston Fashion School.

Daniela says that Maya knew exactly what she wanted when they began to work on her look, she wanted to work with ivory, black, or blue. Of the seven pieces that Corte designed for Harris it was the beautiful billowing ivory blouse that made the final stage. “When she saw the ruffle blouse, she wanted it immediately,” Corte said.

The blouse was a design that Corte debuted a decade ago but has since become a staple in her collection. “This outfit was meant to show that women no longer need to give up femininity to be accorded the same respect as men. We can be feminine and sexy, but in this new context those characteristics project the ultimate strength.” – Daniela Corte

In an interview with local Boston media, Daniela shared her excitement about her contribution to the historic day, This has been a historic moment, watching the first woman ascend to the office of Vice President…I wanted the clothes I made for Maya to reflect the magnitude of this moment.” – Daniela Corte

According to social media, the blouse piece for Maya Harris was constructed by Daniela and her team, which included Hondureña dressmakers Estela Amaya and Carmen Maria Guillen Garche.

It was an incredible honor to dress Maya and take a small part in such a historic event” – Daniela Corte

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