Wilfredo Rosado: Historic Pearls by Puerto Rican Jeweler

Along with the purple dress, were Vice President Harris’ notable pearls. As a nod to honor her Alpha Kappa Alpha sisterhood, whose founders were known as the ‘Twenty Pearls’, she has always worn a pearl necklace for momentous occasions. For Inauguration Day, she decided to call on high end jewelry artist, Wilfredo Rosado, who is Puerto Rican. Rosado launched his brand in 2011 and has created jewelry for women including Mariah Carey, Rihanna and Julia Roberts.

I’m driven internally and so proud of being of Puerto Rican descent — it’s a driving factor for excellence in my career” – Wilfredo Rosado

In past interviews Rosado expressed his thoughts on the creative process when designing for this special moment, he had been following Harris’ journey since she announced her initial run, “I thought about a woman as the first female vice president elected, who is also a person of color — that’s history. I love her strength, there is a feminine aspect of it that made me want to add a bit of glamour to that moment, so there is a special movement to the necklace.

He custom created three pieces, he stated that his chain link design was to represent toughness and also fashion…It’s a bold necklace, not a classic string of pearls.” – Rosado

Rosado has been upset at the treatment of Puerto Rican people by the exiting Trump administration, looking ahead he says he is hopeful for the future, “President Biden has expressed his thoughts on Puerto Rico and possible statehood, allowing people to decide on that potential. The past administration was a travesty and gave terrible treatment to the Puerto Rican people; with this new administration the future looks positive” – Wilfredo Rosado

Also taking a moment to witness the occasion, he reflected back on his excitement at where the pearls will end up. Although they are on loan to Vice President Harris for the inauguration, he hopes that one day they end up in a museum.  “For me this is beyond jewelry, this is beyond a necklace — this is history” – Rosado

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