Latinx Fashion Houses on Display for Herstoric Night

The new Biden–Harris administration was making waves amongst the Latinx community for their fashion choices at the first official appearance after winning the 2020 presidential election.

First Lady-Elect, Dr. Jill Biden, wore a dress by fashion house Oscar de la Renta, the late fashion designer (who himself was Dominicano) had a prestigious history of having dressed many of the Nation’s First Ladies .

Dr. Biden’s floral print dress was designed by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia, the creative directors at Oscar de la Renta. Although Garcia is technically not “Latino,” he is European as he was born in Spain, but he is Latino friendly having grown up traveling between Spain and the Dominican Republic.

Latinas also had some representation on the National stage via the wardrobe of Senator Kamala Harris who made history becoming the first woman, the first Black person, the first Indian American and the first South Asian American to ever hold the title of Vice-President Elect of the United States.

The stunning pantsuit in “suffragette white” that Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris wore as she gave her herstoric acceptance speech, was from the Latina/Venezolana fashion house of Carolina Herrera! The now iconic suit was designed by Wes Gordon.

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