The ‘Jugo’dores: bringing the healing of juicing to Texas

As Tejanos, Latinx Texas are making strides to become more health conscious, we have been seeing the growing green movement.

We are kicking off this series with the ‘Jugo’dores; meet the Latinos who are changing lives through the healing properties of juicing!

Ingrid Monserrat, the alchemist of juicing in The Valley. She created a plant based, vegan juice & smoothie bar where you can also find vegan tacos, burgers, sandwiches among other items. Something truly unique about her healing factory is that each cold pressed juice is custom made to align with the chakras. Ingrid herself went through a personal journey of self-healing and wellness, which is what fueled her inspiration to create a space where she could share good medicine with others, with the community, which manifested into… the Healing Juice Factory.

Chef Carlos Padilla is one of the leading pioneers of the vegan entrepreneurs in the Sun City. Padilla is one of the owners of Juicery Plus which is exactly that, juices and so much more. They have an all vegan, plant based menu with traditional items: cold pressed juices, detox and smoothies; but Chef padilla also created an extensive menu that includes favorite staples like menudo and poblano enchiladas. Juicery Plus has now launched a meal prep program for all your breakfast, lunch and dinner needs…ahora sí que no hay excusa.

Veronica Torres’ story of wellness and healing is one that left a profound impact on us. her journey began with her father being diagnosed with cancer. This prompted the urgency in both of them to make life changes and start their research, which is how they came across juicing. eventually, this led to Veronica embarking on a new path. Years later, she decided she wanted to share her knowledge with the community, to help others along their healing journey, this would be the beginning of Vida Pura. Today, they are still making magic in Austin, specializing in a wide range of raw cold pressed juices and immunity boosters, livin la vida pura.


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