BHM: Gina Torres creates first Afro-Latina series

Wrapping up Black History Month and kicking off Women’s History Month, is Cuban-American actress Gina Torres

Torres was born and raised in the Bronx, NY to Cuban immigrant parents. In 2019 Torres made history as she became the first Afro-Latina to create, produce and star in her own network series, ‘Pearson,’ which debuted July 2019.

In the “Suits” spinoff, Jessica Pearson’s personal background was written with her real life in mind. “I was very specific about reinventing Jessica’s mythology and making sure, for the first time in my life, I would actually be playing an Afro-Latina character,” – Gina Torres interview with Vibe.

As for changing Hollywood and breaking out of the molds they create for Latinx characters, Torres is one of the few that is in a position to break that mold usually created by old white male executives. She is now the executive producer with a seat at the table.

Although the show only lasted one season, nonetheless, it has opened the door.

In her own words, “if I have served as an instrument for education that Latinas can look any myriad of ways, I’m happy. There’s Cameron Diaz, there’s me and everything in between.” – you can find ‘Pearson’ on Amazon Prime

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