The Latinx Yogis: helping us find balance and vibe higher

All over Texas there is a transformation happening, our generation – who came of age as the wave of technology was exploding – now as adults, we are deciding to disconnect…at least for an hour.

This idea of “returning and restoring” isn’t a new concept, as Texans/ Tejanos / Latinos we have always had a connection to the outdoors in some way, whether it’s camping, or hiking, floating the river or simply driving for HOURS across the state to visit family.

However, what is new, is that we – our generation – is really speaking out on the importance of self-care in our community. We are engaging in dialogue and actively pursuing mental wellness more than previous generations. This has launched us into a whole new era of Latinx enlightenment.

Meet the Latinx Yogis, who are transforming Texas…helping us find balance and vibe higher.


VERONICA TORRES HAZLEY – Veronica is the light warrior goddess of Dallas. In a city known for its hustle and bustle, she and her husband are the owners of V12 Yoga and have successfully found a way to help Dallasites log off and plug in to a new frequency, and even finding innovative ways to connect with staples that make Dallas, Dallas.

What is special about Veronica’s approach is, the way she taps into ancestral knowledge and yet incorporates her Latinidad, from hosting a Winter Solstice cleanse, to sage rituals, to Recover & Reset sessions, she has created a unique space; fusing her skills as a yogi and her gifts as a lightworker, to manifest a self-care sisterhood in the Big D, which is known as “Healthy Latina Lifestyle.”

What started a few years ago as just one woman, has now grown into a spiritual collective of healing and uplifting one another through the creation of a leadership series, “Hey Chica Movement.” Thank you Veronica for sharing your light!


MATTHEW MORALES – is the “Yogi With The Good Hair”…indeed! Matthew is the owner and operator of mobile yoga studio, Quiet Mind Yoga. As our beloved border regions are constantly under attack, it’s important to highlight the healers and lightworkers who are sharing their medicine.

McAllen is such a magical place and is filled with natural beauty, that one of the things we love most about Matthew’s approach is that he truly stays connected to his roots, literally. He sometimes has events not only outdoors, but under these majestic oak trees, that are filled with centuries of knowledge and that have been here before Texas was Texas.


Connecting to nature or practicing meditation and chakra healing with tibetan singing bowls is only part of the experience, one of the more modern aspects to Matthew’s approach is incorporating modern fun social activities, like brunch, into his sessions. Last year he began to host Yoga + Brunch on the beach (which is our idea of heaven) and he is also launching Yoga + Topgolf this year – insert shocked face gif – which definitely speaks to our generation! Thank you Matthew for quieting our minds and opening the heart chakra of the RGV.

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