Texas Latina Strong: Veronica Escobar Delivers Spanish SOTU Response

A huge moment for the Latino community, as Veronica Escobar the Democratic Congresswoman from El Paso, TX was chosen to give the State of The Union Response in Spanish earlier this month. Escobar has been one of the fierce Latina voices standing up for border communities

From segundo barrio in El Paso, Escobar addressed the nation giving a strong response on behalf of the Democratic Party. She covered a range of topics currently affecting the Latino community, from expanding healthcare, a living wage, job creation and combating climate change, among other topics. She reminded the nation that it was just 7 months ago that a racist white shooter, came to El Paso and killed 22 people, using the same words that Donald Trump has used to attack Mexicans and Latinos.

She called out Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mitchell McConnell and Donald Trump for stalling on over 200 bills that The Democrats have put forth, ending that portion by reminding them that “no one is above the law.”

As she drew to a close she delivered a powerful message acknowledging the children that have died along the border, the inhumane treatment of family separation and recalling the words etched on Lady Liberty, as a symbol of what America stands for.

The Congresswoman spoke with not only her words but also with a button pin she wore, which read “love migrant children.” The design and artwork were created by one of our favorite El Paso artist Patrick Gabaldon, who was one of the invited guest.

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God bless our Congresswoman

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Veronica Escobar made history during the 2018 midterms, along with fellow Democrat Sylvia Garcia from Houston, the two became the first Latinas to represent Texas in U.S. Congress.

Earlier this year Garcia was called on to be the House Impeachment Manager, making her the first Texan ever to serve as a presidential impeachment manager and during those days she also became the first Latino/a to speak on the Senate floor and also the first House member to ever speak Spanish on the Senate floor!


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