Julián Castro marks his place in Texas history

Julián  Castro ended his presidential bid at the beginning of this year. None the less, he has solidified his place in Texas history, becoming the first Mexican-American (Latino) from Texas, to run for U.S. President and only the second Democratic Latino to ever run. Bill Richardson, the former Governor of New Mexico, is half Mexican and was technically the first Mexican-American to launch a presidential bid on the Democratic ticket back in 2007.

During a time when the current U.S. President launched his presidential campaign by attacking Mexicans / Mexican-Americans and has continued his attacks (which has affected all Latinos by default) is what truly makes Castro’s run for office mean so much more.

Even though his campaign ended, we will look back on this as a defining moment, an answer to a call for our community, standing up in the face of racism to say “we will not be silent” and show we will not be cast aside. So that the next generation may be able to see themselves reflected in a candidate and know that we also can be president.

Texas has now elected the first Latinas to U.S. Congress, Representatives: Veronica Escobar (El Paso) and Sylvia Garcia (Houston) and we’ve had the first Latina/ LGBTQ candidate to win the nomination of Governor – Lupe Valdez – and now we can also add the name of Julián  Castro to our history books as well, the first Latino from our State, to seek the highest office.

Thank you Julián!

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