CONGRATULATIONS to the two Texas Latinas, who’s works have been selected for: “The 50 Playwrights Project’s third annual list of Latinx Plays for College Theatres”

Más Cara by Krysta Gonzales
Más Cara is a visceral text and movement conjuring of Mexicana archetypes and the women who embody them – past, present, and future. As we follow the life of Isabel, a Chicana who loves big and is trying to make a place in the world for herself and her daughter, the piece asks: What if Mexicana archetypal pillars like Coatlicue, Tonantzin, and La Llorona not only speak to and inspire Mexicanas from the other realm, but are also speaking to each other? And what if they can hear us answer back? What if these spirits are just as human as we are – and we, on earth, are all of them and none of them and everything in between? – 50


Krysta Gonzales is a Blaxican, Los Angeles-based actress, voiceover artist, screenwriter, and playwright originally from El Paso and Dallas. She studied at The Experimental Theatre Wing while attending NYU’s Tisch School of Arts, immersed in physically-based acting techniques, self-scripting, and the Meisner technique.

She has been a guest performer with It’s Personal onstage, showcasing her original scripted work and she also starred as Cara in The Kiss, a radio play produced by the Distilled Theatre Company. Her play Más Cara was recently produced at the FuturX Festival in Austin, showcasing Latinx Performing Arts. Her first radio play, When You KnoW, You KnoW, was released by the Distilled Theatre Company.  – []

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El Nogalar by Tanya Saracho
Set in modern-day Northern Mexico, the Galvan family, led by Matriarch Maite, have come back to their pecan orchard to reclaim their land after she has squandered away their money. In the time they were away, however, the Mexico they once knew has slowly been taken over by a drug war. Focusing on the relationships between sisters, and a mother and her daughters, will these women choose to adapt to the world around them or get left behind? –

Borders, Boundaries, Us and Them – 2019-20 Theatre Season poster in memory of Professor Emeritus Anthony Graham-White. El Nogalar

Tanya Saracho was born in Sinaloa, México and grew up in the RGV (McAllen, Texas) along the U.S./Mexico border. Saracho is a former playwright and television writer. Her previous works include: “How To Get Away With Murder,” and HBO’s “Looking,” among other shows.

Currently, she serves as the creator and showrunner of “Vida,” her first show for Starz, making her the first Latina showrunner in the premium cable space.

She is also developing a television series called”Brujas” with Big Beach, which deals with the intersection between Brujería culture and Feminism.

Photo courtesy: Tanya Saracho facebook



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