Two Latinas from Texas featured on Forbes 30 Under 30

We are so excited to have two Latinas featured on Forbes 30 under 30 for the year 2020!

Every year Forbes selects 600 of the most brilliant minds, game-changers from across the U.S. and Canada. What an honor to be able to say we have two Texas Latinas on the list.

Lina Hidalgo 28yrs old – Houston, TX | Harris County Judge. Attorney Lina Hidalgo, made made big news during the 2018 Texas midterms, when she – at 27 years old – flipped the seat for Harris County Judge, from red to blue! Harris County, the largest county in Texas and third largest in the nation, was a seat that had been held for over 10 years by a Republican, white, male, and is now under the leadership of a Democratic, young, immigrant, Latina. Lina makes history as the first female, and the youngest, to be elected Harris County Judge!




We are proud to say we featured Judge Lina Hidalgo in our inaugural edition, “Viva La Mujer: The Next Wave” where we recognized the Latinas that are leading Texas into the future.





Jessica Cisneros 26 yrs old – Laredo, TX | Candidate U.S. Congress Texas 28th District.   Attorney Jessica Cisneros also made the list. We have been huge fans of Tejana, Jessica Cisneros, ever since she hit the scene earlier this year. Attorney, Texas native, fuerza Latina, representing the frontera, and a current Democratic Congressional candidate, Cisneros is most definitely one to watch. She is blazing trails in South Texas and we KNOW she is about to make history in 2020!



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