Ally Brooke Brings Selena To Miss Universe

We were heartbroken when San Antonio’s Ally Brooke was robbed of the Dancing With The Stars Mirrorball trophy, but since then she has been lighting it up, blazing new trails! We are super excited to continue to follow her journey and bring back all the details.

For starters, if you have been home for the holidays you may have caught Ally performing the Christmas classic, “Santa Claus is Comin to Town” on The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration. She also just announced some huge news, she is kicking off her first solo tour!

Last night however, was truly special. Ally Brooke opened up the Miss Universe show. She performed a mix of her own songs, complete with back up dancers, spectacular lighting and with 3.82 million viewers watching!

But the big moment came during the evening gown portion of the show, Ally paid tribute to fellow Mexican-American artist, La Reina, Queen of Tejano, Selena. She sang LIVE and sang a beautiful rendition of “I Could Fall in Love” and “Dreaming of You” as the most beautiful women in the world walked the runway to the music of Selena.

People might not realize how big this is, but when Selena died she was on the cusp of becoming the first huge cross-over artist to hit the mainstream. Selena cracked the door open for Latina pop/mainstream artist in the United States, a door she never got to walk through. So to be sitting at home in 2019, twenty-four years after Selena was taken from us, and watch another Texas Latina, Ally Brooke, have her own moment on Miss Universe and be able bring Texas and Latina icon  – Selena – with her on the journey…the sentiment is just beyond…

Selena’s sister Suzette took to Instagram to show the love for Ally’s performance:

“Never imagined I would ever ever everrr hear this song sung at a MISS UNIVERSE pageant! (Not the best recording I did with my phone) @allybrooke Thank you so much for this! Truly honored you chose this song and honored her.. 🙏💜”

Ally then posted a humble and genuine reply, and we were all in our feels reading it:

“Thank you so much Suzette 😭 it is my deepest honor to have sang it🙏🏽 Selena will always be in my heart, and I will always honor her wherever I can! It means more than words can ever express that you loved it, thank you so much ♥️🙏🏽💜”

Such a beautiful page in our Latina story, of our Texas story. Ally Brooke, we are are so proud of everything you are doing, never forget you have the Latina Texas squad behind you, cheering you on!

Check out Ally’s tribute performance to Selena during Dancing With The Stars.

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