Fans are super stoked for the newest Terminator film, which debuts today. Terminator: Dark Fate, is the sixth film in the franchise but it is an extension of the first two films, the storyline picks up after Terminator II: Judgment Day.

What makes this film a little extra special is that the new terminator is Latino! Gabriel Luna, is following in some very famous footsteps, taking on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s iconic role from the first film, Robert Patrick’s role in the second film, and putting his own stamp on this third version.

Gabriel Luna has been hard at work building his resume in Hollywood with several films and prominent series roles such as: Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider from Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, and “Matador” on El Rey Network. This time around, Gabriel will be playing a futuristic Rev-9 new model of liquid Terminator. Luna has said that he grew up as a fan of the original films and has been living a dream come true to become part of the Terminator family.

Luna is a Mexican-American Texan, from Austin and a graduate from St. Edward’s University. In an interview for the film, he showed his Texas pride when asked about the physical pressure of taking on the role of a terminator, he joked that being Texan prepared him for the physical role of the film, “I have an athletic background, I come from Texas…they put a football and a guitar in your hand when you’re born” – Gabriel Luna

This third installment of the storyline will see original stars: Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong and Arnold Schwarzenegger all reprising their roles; original producer, James Cameron, also returns for the film.

Not only does the film take place in Mexico, introduces the first Latino terminator, but has also cast a Latina, Colombiana – Natalia Reyes – to play Dani Ramos, a strong lead that is the character equivalent to Sarah Connor. Mexican actor Diego Boneta, also has a role and there were also non-Latino Hispanic, Spanish actors, cast in supporting roles. All in all, this is going to have Latinx and Spanish speaking representation that is rarely seen in an epic mainstream film, such as The Terminator series.

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In a time when Latinx representation is so limited and seems to be only viewed through one lense, Terminator: Dark Fate (now playing), is a much needed breath of fresh air!

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