Latinx of GoT

We wanted to recognize the incredible Afro-Latinx and Latino talent on the show

Are you ready to say goodbye? The end of an era tonight, Game of Thrones series finale. We wanted to recognize the incredible Afro-Latinx and Latino talent on the show.

Beloved ‘Missandei of Naath’ who was confidant to the Mother of Dragons and one of the key figures in Daenerys inner circle, was played by English Actress Nathalie Emmanuel, whose mother is part Dominicana.

Fan favorite ‘Grey Worm’ who became a integral part to Daenerys reign as the commander of The Unsullied, was played by Jacob Anderson whose father is part Afro-Caribbean.

These two characters have meant so much to our community as the sole representation of POC on an epic show like GoT

Behind the scenes, there was Miguel Sapochnik, an English film Director who is an Argentino and who has directed some of the most notable episodes during the run of the show, three of the biggest fight scenes including “Battle of the Bastards” and in this final season “The Long Night” and last week’s heartbreaking episode “The Bells.”

Much like the rest of the world, we will miss the ENTIRE CAST… and we salute our Afro-Latinx and Latino talent, their watch has ended.

From HBO:

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