The Tiarra Girls  Sophia, Tori, and Tiffany Baltierra are the next big thing. Their sound is a whole new level of vibes. An eclectic blend of Tejano, Indigenous with a hint of Rockabilly AND in English and Spanish. Their music will hit the core of your soul.

The Tiarra Girls are also unique in the fact that they fully wear their politics on their sleeves, literally. They have participated in events for Democratic favorites like Beto O’Rourke and most recently for united states Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. however what really was special in 2018, was their single “Leave it To The People” which represents everything we love about them; WOKE, Latina and fierce! Already becoming a staple of the Austin music scene, it is only a matter OF time before THEY CATAPULT TO SUPERSTARDOM, JUST LIKE SELENA. Make no mistake, the future of rock has arrived…and The Tiarra Girls have earned the Crown.

photo credit: Tiarra Girls Facebook page

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