Texas Two-Step at SUNDANCE

Exciting news from Sundance Film Festival! UT Austin alum, Suzanne Andrews Correa, is a Mexican American filmmaker from Dallas and is one of the Latinx filmmakers to showcase at the festival! Green a story about “an undocumented Turkish pedicab driver unwittingly draws police attention, endangering his brother, his community, and himself,” is directed and co-written by Correa also just won Short Film Jury Award.

In addition to her Sundance win, Suzanne wrote and directed the short film La Casa de Beatriz which is currently showing on HBO.

Correa – a native Texan – was selected in 2018 for the Sundance Screenwriting Lab to develop her director debut feature film, written by her as well, La Cazadora (The Huntress) a female empowerment film which takes place in Juarez, Mexico and shines a light on the ongoing conversation of “las desaparecidas” (the missing women) of Ciudad Juarez.

We had another Latina, Texan representing at Sundance! Cristina Ibarra, also a UT Austin alum, is a Mexican-American filmmaker from El Paso, TX who co-directed and co-wrote The Infiltrators which won the ‘NEXT Innovator’ and the ‘Audience’ award at Sundance this year.

Ibarra has produced several eye-opening documentaries over the last 16 years, including Las Marthas and The Last Conquistador. Her narratives shed light on life between the two worlds of United States and being Latinx.

The Infiltrators has been groundbreaking, tackling the current national conversation regarding ICE and detention centers. The film is based on truth following actual people that have been detained and then able to report from the inside in order to show the reality of how they are being treated as told by actual detainees.

We are so proud of our Texas talent, creating and sharing stories from the Latinx lens.

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