Luminous Latinx – Austin Fashion Week

In their 11th year, Austin Fashion Week returned to cast their magic on the runway once more. With a full lineup of Texas designers we wanted to spotlight the Luminous Latinx talent featured this year.

Name: Sergio Guadarrama
Based: Austin, TX | New York

It is a passion of Sergio’s to help the world and as a company Celestino has directed its focus towards designing with a purpose. The company has made the conscious effort to only design with up-cycled fabrics and organic materials, recognizing that fashion and the environment have to coexist. As a company, we are also aware of the horrible mistreatment and corruption women and men receive here and abroad, being sold into human trafficking. With his passion to help those in need, 10% of all Celestino’s profits go to ending human trafficking. Sergio prides himself for designing for women and men of all sizes and ages, his goal is to empower each individual as they step into a Celestino garment.

Name: Valerie Garmino
Based: Dallas, TX

“My clothing line combines prêt-à-porter pieces with haute couture techniques. Quality is the DNA of my brand. I truly believe quality fabrics can provide an intimate experience between the wearer and the garment. These concepts are the foundation of the Valerie Garmino’s brand…I believe in another type of seduction; this seduction is not only coming from what you can see, but also from what you can feel.”

Mother and Daughter designer duo: MALEN REYES COUTURE
Name: (mother) Malen and (daughter) Monic Reyes
Based: San Antonio, TX

“She is authentic, unafraid to be herself, and that is what makes her beauty extraordinary”

Malen Reyes Couture high end fashion ready to wear clothing. A mother and daughter duo who co-design and dedicate their creative passion to creating every piece unique merging a classic and modern style.

Name: Jennifer Rosario
Based: Austin, TX
Website: see IG page

Name: Candy Morales
Based: Austin, TX
Website: see IG page

Name: Alan Gonzalez
Based: Houston, TX

“Why do we limit ourselves and push aside creative ideas?
We can not continue living in a life full of limitations.”

That is what Alan is. Making imagination a reality.


Name: Samantha Plasencia

Based: San Antonio, now Austin, TX


Samantha is a sportswear designer of urban and casual separates that makes the perfect combination of street style & function.

***these are the designers that we researched and are proud to recognize their Latino/a heritage in interviews and/or their sites, if we missed any well…

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