Daniel Suárez Paving Roads at NASCAR

For this #fbf we are taking it back to last year, where Daniel Suárez from Monterrey Mexico became the first “Latin American” driver to become a NASCAR national champion, winning the XFINITY crown. This current champion can also claim other “first” such as the first Mexican born driver to win, as well as, first foreign born driver to race full time in the series and go on to win it! 💪🏽👏🏼 Suárez was welcomed at the White House under President Obama where he spoke to a group of Latino students, closing his speech by reminding them to “Stay strong, stay proud, stay focused”

Currently Daniel is piloting car #19 with Joe Gibbs Racing for the Monster Energy series and you can also catch him in Pixar’s Cars 3 as the voice of “Daniel Swervez” VAMOS Dani!

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