AMC Explores Texas Life – The Son

Ok we are ready for it. Tonight is the big premiere for The Son on AMC . The big star is Pierce Brosnan, BUT we are all about the beautiful diverse talent. (slideshow pics) We have the lovely ladies that are featured in the first photo, Elizabeth Francis who is of Filipino/Cherokee heritage and Paola Núñez who is a Mexican actress making her American debut 🙆🏽‍♀️🙌🏽 We also have Carlos Bardem who is playing the last great Spaniard land owner, (and he is actually from Spain!)…AND last but certainly not least, the very handsome Zahn Tokiyaku McClarnon who is Lakota-Irish, plays a central character to the series.

As Latinos from Texas, many of us have ties to the Lone Star state long before it was even a republic, so it’s our duty to watch and report back. We’ll let you know our thoughts. 🤔📝💻 [photos by @paolanunez and @theson_amc]





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