Gift from the Gods: Mixtli

Mixtli is the Nahuatl word meaning ‘nubes’ in Spanish, ‘clouds’ in English. When food taste so divine that it can transcend you to a different place, it is no wonder Mixtli is deserving of every accolade since they opened their doors in 2013.

Diego Galicia and Rico Torres are both, Chefs and co-owners of San Antonio’s culinary paradise, Mixtli. Most recently, they are the ONLY Texas chefs to have the distinct honor of being selected, nationwide, as ‘Best New Chefs’ of 2017 by  Food & Wine  magazine!

We are so proud and just reading their message in regards to being selected makes us love them even more.

We are incredibly honored to be part of @foodandwine Best New Chefs 2017. We’ve relentlessly pursued the preservation of regional Mexican gastronomy. We would like to thank our team, our Sous Chef @casablonkaaa and our Chef de partie @alexanacabrera, our amazing guests, our beautiful city of San Antonio, the incredible group of restaurants that paint the culinary scene in our city, and every cook out there working hard to offer the most memorable experience. This is for you.

Congratulations Diego, Rico and team!

photo by: IG Mixtli page []

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